10th august reminiscence with bits of the 12/13th time of freedom Torn, I know all the sides to this word, I wait awake for it to pass or do I reach my boundaries to rediscover what I have left of myself? I still don’t have a steady thought on this matter, though I have been … More Torn

That is Grace

  When you feel yourself falling. That’s the kind of grace that is not about the fall,but about the feeling. Sometimes you don’t need to take a picture, it’s more valuable to remember the feeling, isn’t it? Feel the air and let yourself see the true meaning of being a human but not actually feeling … More That is Grace

Sumo Table Jokes 

Today I had the most traditional Japanese meal, with the Sumo team of Kasugai! While the Sumo matches were taking part in a 34 degrees weather we were cooking in the backstage. Seeing a live Sumo game is definitely a must, what impressed me the most is that Sumo is not all about who wins … More Sumo Table Jokes 

Our lifetime

 Do you ever feel like knowing when we met? I do, and I can barely remember, not because it was long ago but because we just had so many experiences in such a short time. It was at the beginning of Discover the World that I saw you for the first time, we didn’t talk at … More Our lifetime


Inspire. Aspire. The most important part of experiencing is inspiring. Maybe not at all what you do and how you do it but actually how you see it and how it affects you. You want people to feel how you feel, you might never be able to share that, not through words anyway. There are … More P.S

Walk away

 It is not hard to walk away, it is normal and acceptable, not breathe taking and throbbing.  Well, at least that is what I had thought before I was put right in front of the situation, one of the most heartbreaking situations I had taken part of. It is a feeling that you are quietly … More Walk away