Big in Japan

It all started with a passion.

It slowly developed into a dream.

It most likely became reality.

I’ll be studying for a whole semester in Japan, starting from next month, with the hope of finding the once in a lifetime experience we all humans long for. My first intentions when I applied for this program were to test myself through something that was clearly bigger than me. Finding my way through the selection I found out more and more things about myself and about this dream that I’m chasing. I met so many new people and I saw so many different views of the world we were all hoping to find with the help of this program, I truly found a piece of myself in the people around me. I haven’t even left yet and I already feel that I gained so much experience and I broadened my horizons in a way I could have never imagined.

Ever since I started seeing for myself I developed a need of adventure and constant improvement, I wanted to see places, meet people, taste foods, climb mountains and find myself in each and every experience I had. I traveled to many places in Europe and North America but I still have many more I want to discover. My first step in this global mindset was meeting people from all over the world because now I know that you can only understand a culture when you meet its people. Along the way I found so many different mindsets and so created my own. I started thinking outside the norms that were put up by the society, I started seeing beyond the things that were to be seen, I started feeling the world and taking over my own, and now I am slowly starting to swim in the deepest water I have ever seen.

As for my student-to-be experience in Japan I am truly, madly and deeply in excitement. Now I am not a bit scared of leaving my parents, my bed, my school and my friends behind for half an year, but I can’t say the same about how I am going to react when I find myself free falling. For now I can only prepare myself for the gust of wind I am going to get from the Japanese rainy season we all heard so much about.

It’s not easy to start doing, but when you get the hang of it, you can truly see for yourself.


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