Inspire. Aspire.

The most important part of experiencing is inspiring. Maybe not at all what you do and how you do it but actually how you see it and how it affects you. You want people to feel how you feel, you might never be able to share that, not through words anyway. There are times when you don’t need the lyrics of a song to know what it’s all about. Each time you think of an experience you can most likely write it in a different way, there is always another view, you can change overnight, you can aspire for a minute and inspire for an hour, it’s about how you decide to live the moment. It’s about you.

I watched this movie quite some times and each time I could see it a million other ways, your eyes can change the minute you see something new and also your eyes can change by how you relate to a feeling. For me this movie is a feeling. It’s freedom. Freedom to write. I can watch this movie tomorrow and write a total different thing. I know the lyrics already, it’s the soundtrack that keeps me thinking, keeps me seeing. You can aspire through the smallest and most insignificant things in life, every minute is something to aspire, every time it’s about how you inspire. It’s better to feel an amalgam of things, warm or cold it is all part of being human, and how many times you wish you could stop feeling. How easy it would be to feel nothing at all, but then what is the life worth living? It’s tempting to write about my feelings towards something that is forever inspiring, and of course wouldn’t it be much easier to do so. But what if I want to inspire by helping others do so, to dream means in other terms to simply live and let die. Walk over your old self but never walk on it. Walk through the new self but never see through your new self. Be what you feel. The lyrics don’t have the power to change, they are empty words to fill your reality, but the beat is made to change you, give a beat to your life and let yourself be what you experience, be what you inspire and I am sure people will aspire.

Be part of what you truly see.

This was just a reminder.


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