Our lifetime

 Do you ever feel like knowing when we met? I do, and I can barely remember, not because it was long ago but because we just had so many experiences in such a short time. It was at the beginning of Discover the World that I saw you for the first time, we didn’t talk at all. 

But then, when you see a face in two different places you kind of start getting curious. I guess you realized that first and during your second basketball practice with the team I was playing at for one year already, you said no greeting, no ‘hello’ but slammed into my shy personality with a question “You from Discover, right? We have b-ball practice after the session, let’s go together.” 

K, now the fun part, I was awkward back then, I was very selective with friends, but yea, you didn’t ask to be my friend or something, you just started taking the role seriously.

So moving on to our first real conversation, on the train from Pedagogic to Gojdu, you tried to make me talk and asked me which player I like from Oradea’s boy’s basketball team. I remember perfectly what was my answer, why? Because it all started with me getting comfortable and more open. I answered that I liked Topchov, it was the only name I remembered from the team that I vaguely saw on tv, sorry, my interest was so low, you knew you had to raise it up. 

Dude, from that time on, our friendship came so naturally, it was like you don’t have to ask for friendship or trust, you just got it. 

I didn’t need to know about your past and who you hang out with, I didn’t need to know what you do in your free time or what were your dreams. We were just good at passing the basketball and having fun, we were just good at doing things together, we had a chemistry at organizing and timing, we still have it, big time. 

B-ball and Grow related stuff, the only things that we had in common. There were many people along the way who strengthened our relationship, but you were always the one to make the steps, to get me out of house and at the sessions or at practice, the one pushing down forcefully basketball through my throat, the one getting new friends that would afterwards become my friends also. I don’t regret any push that you’ve made, without them I would have never loved basketball and volunteering the way I do today, I wouldn’t be who I am today, you truly are timeless in my path. 

For all the good memories you have given me I can only say thank you. It would take a lifetime to think about all the experiences we’ve had, after all we took a lifetime to make them, our lifetime. I am writing this today not because it’s your birthday but because it’s the day you experience the most throbbing of them all days, getting legal, which also means you might be the most sensitive out of all year today, which leads to maybe getting a tear from you today, a tear of happiness because we have reached such a state in our friendship just by being natural. I’ve never seen you cry, it’s not like I want to, but you have taken almost all steps in this friendship, it’s because of you that I have reached this point, let it be because of me that you shed a tear today, let me take one more step in our friendship. 

Remember the promise we made in the summer? With this words I am fulfilling the promise and waiting for the next one, this summer, because no matter how different are the paths we have chosen, they are never going to be parallel. 

Thank you for everything!


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