Just a little bit more of yourself

Every day I have the same task, to be just a little bit more of myself. I become a greater person with the loss of the bad in me. You become true to yourself and leave the lies where they can’t hurt anymore, the truth is the one which is supposed to hurt. In the absence of a little something you learn the true meaning of it and the true way of achieving. The matters are wilder as you become just slightly closer to the reality in yourself.

There are things you always wonder around for, you can never find meanings for and the question remained unanswered to your eyes, but try seeing what’s going on in your soul, the spot with zero gravity in your body. The blind magma.

So… I’m unable to think of my dreams when my treasures are right in front of my eyes, the golden feeling i wake up to every morning. It always prevents me from taking a step, it always holds me back from my daily task of being a little bit more of myself. It takes me down, under the sea level, where at the end of the day you enjoy the warmness of your life, the warmness of your nothingness. Anywhere you go, anyone you meet, you unconditionally look for that warmness, if it is not available then it’s either the wrong place or the real world. We, humans, can’t control ourselves, if it’s the way our brains evolved or the way we were raised in the society is not anyway for us to know. No, never, don’t even try knowing, accepting or loving your condition, it’s too much of yourself.

The tea is getting me too warm, over and out.


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