That is Grace


When you feel yourself falling.

That’s the kind of grace that is not about the fall,but about the feeling.

Sometimes you don’t need to take a picture, it’s more valuable to remember the feeling, isn’t it?

Feel the air and let yourself see the true meaning of being a human but not actually feeling like you are one. When you see the moon and it’s covered by clouds or you hear time when everything’s silent, I call it grace, my own state of grace, when I’m not cold, when I’m not feeling anything a human feels, when there are no barriers between your nature and limits and your feelings, your true conscience. When you breathe in you don’t feel the air, you feel the atmosphere and when you blink you don’t see dark, you see your true self.

Let it be cold or let it be dark, it’s you and it’s time to deal with yourself, it’s time to stand in the dark and let yourself freeze, it’s time to live the moment like you have never done because you might never feel the same again. It’s such a shame I can only remember having my states of grace so barely, so lightly contracted, so poorly emphasised. When you get one be sure you find a way to remember it because you can never feel the same thing twice. There are no rules, not anymore, there is nothing that can get your focus, nothing that can distract you from your true goal, feeling for yourself, making yourself feel something just by encountering your true consciousness. Your ego doesn’t always want you to be happy but it’s just human to give up in front of the strongest feeling in the world: peace. Human, who am I to talk about being human when I can’t feel like one, not even now. But for one moment in time I will let myself be…happy.

Happiness lasts less than a second, it’s the hardest to acquire and easiest to forget, but peace, you just need strength to settle and open your eyes, see for yourself whatever you want to see, let yourself drift and not think where it takes you. Ponder. Don’t close your eyes, you might fall asleep again. I find it unsettling…. We fall in seek of the peace and than we just keep falling in what we were before, you never stop feeling, and never stop falling, that is why you never go back on something that was passed, you never feel the same thing again, you never live to see what you could have done or what it would have been like if. Grieve for this grace, look for it because it’s never coming to you so easily, hope and seek, it never comes when you are not expecting, live and see, always embrace, circumstances don’t matter, feel, it won’t last too long. And after all it’s just a matter of time until you will be able to remember the grace and the peace and make yourself feel beyond the meaning of thought, beyond the definition of equality and equilibrium, beyond your own limits. Excitement. Passion. Hope. Love.

It’s not about the fall, it’s about the feeling of falling.


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