Sumo Table Jokes 

Today I had the most traditional Japanese meal, with the Sumo team of Kasugai! While the Sumo matches were taking part in a 34 degrees weather we were cooking in the backstage. Seeing a live Sumo game is definitely a must, what impressed me the most is that Sumo is not all about who wins … More Sumo Table Jokes 

Walk away

 It is not hard to walk away, it is normal and acceptable, not breathe taking and throbbing.  Well, at least that is what I had thought before I was put right in front of the situation, one of the most heartbreaking situations I had taken part of. It is a feeling that you are quietly … More Walk away

Big in Japan

It all started with a passion. It slowly developed into a dream. It most likely became reality. I’ll be studying for a whole semester in Japan, starting from next month, with the hope of finding the once in a lifetime experience we all humans long for. My first intentions when I applied for this program were … More Big in Japan